07 Sep

Premiere Iritchka & vocal set-up: contemporary Balkansong

DDF_programma_1.6_WTIt’s been  busy in the basement studio…Past months I’ve been working on a  solo contemporary Balkansong program with loopstation and vocal effects. Based in rootsmusic, but in a modern-day performance it’s essentially unique in the worldmusic-scene.

The premiere on 29.9.2015 at Doedans Festival took the audience by surprise and left them wildly enthusiastic, it was a blast! I am looking forward to getting it out and performing it a lot!

12 Mar

Welcome to my new website!

I’m sooo exited to welcome you on my new website! It’s been a lot of work, and I’m happy to show you the results. I’ve already posted some material and will be regularly tweaking and updating it with tracks, blogs and other things i’d like to share with you. Feel free to browse around! I’m happy to receive your reactions on my facebookpage. If you like my  music (soundcloud) and this website, don’t forget to click the like-button!

Thanks, and warmest regards, Iritchka.

28 Feb

Folksong & cultural heritage programme

FullSizeRenderThe previous months I’ve been working on educational workshops that teach primary school-children about their cultural heritage, specifically the folksongs, as well as a bit of Bulgarian songs. The first reactions are very good, children are exited to sing the songs and to get moving to irregular balkan beats! Read More